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CWB Schedule


CWB Check Test Date Calculator
  • What do I need to bring to my CWB Test?
    You'll need: welding PPE (safety glasses, steel toed boots, welding gloves, long sleeves/pants) we've got earplugs welding helmet government issued photo ID a good attitude 😎
  • What does Hoek Iron provide on CWB Test Day?
    We provide: welding booth: welding table with adjustable paddle, machine, stinger/gun test tools: power buffer with wire wheel, chain grip, vice grip, MIG pliers (for FACW, MCAW or GMAW tests) welding machine: for SMAW, GMAW, FCAW/MCAW or GTAW processes issued welding consumables (welding rod, welding wire/gas) some PPE: earplugs, kneeling pad
  • Can I use my own welding machine to test?
    Yes, you can use your own welding machine for your CWB test.
  • Can I use my own tools on test day?
    Yes, you can use your own tools. You can't use just any tools though, any tools that alter or remove weld metal aren't permitted for CWB tests. No grinders, zip cuts, blades, files, sanders, etc.
  • Can I use a grinder on my CWB test?
  • Where can I practice for my CWB test?
    Northern Lights College is a great option for getting practice time in for your CWB test. For more information visit Practice at NLC
  • When will I get my CWB card?
    Once you've successfully passed visual examination and bend testing, your card will be issued by the CWB and should arrive at Hoek Iron's Shop within 2- 6 weeks. You can either pick up your card at our shop, in Fort St John, or we can mail your card out to you. Hoek Iron issues interim records for test candidates that can be used as a record of your test until your card arrives , to show proof of your test results.
  • What options do I have for removing the CWB Plate test backing bar?
    When you test at Hoek Iron, we remove the backing bar for you on the milling machine. No air arc, plasma, or torch gouging required - one less thing to worry about on test day!



CWB welder qualification is valid for 2 years.

Welders that have an all-position

qualification are eligible for a check test if:

  • the qualification is still valid

  • up to 90 days after the qualification expires

After the 90 day period, welders are required to test all 4 positions to obtain an all-position qualification.

How long are you eligible for a Check Test?

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