Technical Safety BC WELDER TESTING


Initial Class A Exam Schedule




Thursday December 8th, 2022
Last Test of 2022

Only 3 spots available for each Exam day! 
& we need at least 2 candidates to host an Exam day

FAQs: TSBC Initial Class A Exam


Class A Renewal Information

Technical Safety BC Class A Renewals starting to come up soon !


Technical Safety BC updated their Class A renewal Syllabus!

Here are some basics from the syllabus

  • welders have to renew before their qualification expires

  • welders can test up to 6 months before their Class A expires

  • the renewal exam has to be administered by a Technical Safety BC recognized test administrator

  • the renewal exam can be done using a company's TSBC registered WPS or an open welding procedure (like an SWPS or on of TSBC's PWPs)

  • the renewal exam has to be welded in the 6g position

  • the Class A Pressure Welder certificate of qualification is valid for 3 years

  • a Class A renewal application through TSBC's online services account will need to be completed including test records and fee paid

Technical Safety BC has this all laid out on their website with more information and access to the current syllabus


New or Replacement Logbook Application

Design Book

Out-of-Province Welder or Lost your Logbook?

If you're a welder from another province intending to work in BC or if you require a replacement Welder's Logbook.

Industry Training Authority (ITA) issues logbooks for welders in the province of British Columbia.

Technical Safety BC requires BC pressure welders who hold a Class A Pressure Welder Certificate to obtain a logbook from ITA and keep it up to date, following the requirements of ASME Section IX for the applicable welding process.

FAQs: TSBC Logbooks