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Practice at NLC

Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek offers self-paced practice time


Come and practice in NLC's state-of-the-art trades building, where we can offer you a welding booth and access to our cutting, grinding and bending stations.


Availability depends on our current class sizes and schedules. This means practice availability is first-come, first-served. Call us to find out more.


Self-paced practice is without instruction.


Self-Paced Practice Rates

Base Rate





Base Rate

Base rates are a unit (daily rate), which includes:

  • welding booth & machine

  • use of NLC welding shop including cutting and grinding rooms

  • an NLC representative to bend test  coupons

Daily (6 Hrs)

Base Rate


Weekly (30 Hrs)



Plate coupon sets come with or without a back bar, depending whether you'd like to practice with metal backing or with an open-root configuration. Plate coupons come with a straight edge or beveled edge, as required.

Pipe coupons are flame cut, allowing you to prepare your own land and gap for fit-up. Pipe coupons are 8" long each, intended for you to be able to cut apart previous welds and use the same coupon set more than once.


Plate       1/4", 3/8" or 1/2"

Pipe 2"    S80 or S160

Pipe 4"    S40 or S80

Pipe 6"    S40 or S80

Price per set






Additional charges may apply for specialty practice requirements.

Train at NLC

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Welding Foundation

Not sure where to start with your welding career but you want to weld? The Welding Foundation program is for you!

Welding Apprenticeship

You're employed with a company, registered as an apprentice, and ready to start you're technical training as welder.

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Class IT Exam  Now offered at NLC


What is the Class IT CofQ?

The Class IT Pressure Welder certificate of qualification was introduced in the end of 2020 by Technical Safety BC. It allows the successful candidate to perform pressure welding as an apprentice, under the supervision of a Class A Pressure Welder, while employed by a licensed contractor. 

What does the exam involve?

Class IT exams are offered at Northern Lights College's Dawson Creek facility. This exam is for those who have completed their Level 1/2 or Level 'C' training. The exam consists of three 1/2inch plate coupons, single-vee, with backing that are tacked together by the candidate and welded in the following positions:

  • x1 welded in the horizontal position

  • x1 welded in the vertical position

  • x1 welded in the overhead position


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